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Technical Assent positions our services as the best value for federal contracting officers through a record of exceptional delivery, responsive contract management, and competitive prices. We work hard to make it easy to do business with us – by being part of competitively sourced contract vehicles as well as maintaining a large network of contracting partners that complement our skills. We offer several contracting options and a depth of knowledge about the federal acquisition process to help guide you to the most appropriate contract vehicle.
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Fast & Efficient

Improve your time to outcome while staying compliant with acquisition regulations and policies
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Strategically Sourced

Options for bundling a full range of services including people, process, and technology
SDVOSB program is a highly competitive market

Competitively Procured

From pricing and performance, be confident that you're getting the best value right from the start


GSA Professional Services Schedule (PSS)

This Federal Supply Schedule multiple award IDIQ contract provides streamlined procurement procedures (FAR 8.4) and business and management consulting solutions focused on improving federal agency performance and helping agencies meet their mission goals.
Business services range from consulting, facilitation, quality assurance, analysis, strategy formulation, advisory and assistance, research, and training to acquisition and program support. Technical Assent’s contract includes:
  • Integrated Consulting Services (SIN 874-1)
  • Training Services (SIN 874-4)
  • Program Management Support Services (SIN 874-7)
As a prime contractor, agencies can purchase Technical Assent's capability directly through GSA’s ebuy tool.

GSA Performance Management / Continuous Process Improvement Blanket Purchase Agreement (PM/CPI BPA)

This government-wide BPA is available to all federal agency contracting officers and provides the following services:
  • Strategic Planning and Performance Management
  • Strategic Business Analysis
  • Process and Performance Improvement
  • Communications and Change Management
  • Training, Certification and Recognition
Technical Assent is a partner of Team ABSG Consulting. Click here to learn more about this BPA and view the GSA ordering guide for contracting officers.
Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business

Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Set Aside

The SDVOSB set aside program offers agencies a wide variety of contracting options. We have dedicated a page to explaining the details of the program and how contracting officers can effectively leverage it.


Army Research Lab Advanced Expeditionary Warfare Development (AEWD)

This 5-year Advanced Expeditionary Warfare Development contract follows 22 years of similar contract programs for research and development. The contract can support any federal government agency through its execution agency, the Army Research Laboratory. Technical Assent is a member of the Hickory Ground Solutions Team.


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Technical Assent is a prime contractor on VA Agile Delivery of VA Imminent Strategic and Operational Requirements (ADVISOR) contract. This 5-year multi-award IDIQ is designed to assist VA programs execute cross-agency initiatives and achieve strategic priorities that ultimately improve outcomes for VA customers.
  • Studies and Data Analyses - covers a range of topics from staffing & HR, organizational effectiveness, process efficiency, gap analysis, and using customer surveys, focus groups, ethnography, and data visualization.
  • Information Records Management - solutions to compile, evaluate, analyze, control, secure, and disseminate timely, relevant, objective, and accurate data and information to VA and VA stakeholders
  • Business Process Reengineering, Improvement and Management - develop implementation plans and support the process of implementing and sustaining improvements.
  • Change Management & Transition - support quality management systems, tools, and techniques to help VA organizations transform, including Lean Six Sigma (LSS), ISO 9000/9001, and the Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award criteria
Collectively, Technical Assent's capabilities come together to enable VA leaders to make data-driven decisions and drive measurable improvements in program and system performance.


As a prime contractor on VA Veterans Enterprise Contracting for Transformation and Operational Readiness (VECTOR) contract, Technical Assent provides a broad array of Human Resourcing and Staffing Service within Service Group 6. This 10-year multi-award IDIQ is designed to support VA programs and their customers to successfully accomplish the VA mission.
  • Performance Development Planning
  • Human Resource Operations
  • Manpower Surveys
  • Collective Bargaining Analysis & Assessments
These services helps VA optimize their workforce to provide the best possible services to Veterans and their families.



This five year BPA is a multiple award vehicle for the acquisition of full spectrum logistical support for the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics (OUSD(AT&L)) and other associated Department of Defense sponsored mission requirements.
Technical Assent offers its Defense clients a streamlined solution for supporting logistics requirements relating to:
  • Operational Contract Support
  • Weapons and Information Systems Product Support
  • Maintenance Oversight & Analysis
  • Database and Metrics Analysis
  • Policy Development, Studies, Analysis and Consultation, and Resource, Budget
  • Financial Management Services
Technical Assent is a member of the Decisive Analytics Corporation (DAC) team.
US Navy contract Seaport-e

NAVY Seaport-e

SeaPort-e is an electronic acquisition platform that provides an efficient and effective means of contracting for professional support services and enhancing small business participation. The Navy Systems Commands (NAVSEA, NAVAIR, SPAWAR, NAVFAC, and NAVSUP), the Office of Naval Research, Military Sealift Command, and the United States Marine Corps can contract through SeaPort-e. Technical Assent offers services in the following functional areas:
  • Engineering, Engineering Systems, Process Engineering Support
  • Modeling, Simulation, Simulation Support
  • Prototyping, Pre-Production, Model Fabrication Support
  • System Design Documentation and Support
Technical Assent is a member of the Netizen Team.




This SDVOSB IDIQ contract provides a full range of Program Management and Technical services across the DHS and all components. Within Functional Category 1 (FC1), we provide the following services:
  • Management Consulting - provides a full range of administrative; human resource; marketing; or other management consulting services.
  • Program Management - provides support services on administrative management issues, such as financial planning and budgeting, equity and asset management, records management, office planning, strategic and organizational planning, site selection, and business process improvement.
  • Process, Physical Distribution, and Logistics Consulting - provides operating advice and assistance services in areas such as process, physical distribution and logistics; productivity improvement; quality assurance and quality control; inventory management; distribution networks; warehouse use, operations, and utilization; transportation and shipment of goods and materials; and materials management and handling.
Technical Assent is a member of the Archimedes Global, Inc Team.

Electronic Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Accelerated and Simplified Tasks (eFAST)

eFAST is the FAA's preferred contracting vehicle for small business contracts. eFAST streamlines the procurement process for all stakeholders using a web-based acquisition tool and automated workflows compliant with applicable FAA standards.Technical Assent is a Master Ordering Agreement (MOA) holder in each of these functional areas:
  • Business Administration and Management
  • Computer/Information Systems Development
  • Computer Systems Support
  • Documentation and Training
Any FAA program management office and contracting officer can use eFAST. For details about doing business through eFAST, visit the FAA’s eFAST page .

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