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USCG service portfolio to support rescue mission

Why:  The federal government has a thriving multi-agency presence even in some of the remote parts of the United States. For the US Coast Guard, Base Kodiak is one of these remote outposts providing the full range of mission support capabilities to Coast Guard assets operating in the Bering Sea and US Navy Special Operations Forces Cold Weather Maritime Training Facility. While these leaders focus on delivering the highest quality mission support services to a wide range of customers, their mission is subject to similar budget cuts of other operating units and complicated by the geography and resources of a remote Alaskan island.

What: Preparing for the renewal of the Coast Guard’s largest support services contract, Base Kodiak sought to rebalance its mission support service portfolio around the needs of it customers and current fiscal realities. Technical Assent worked with technical experts and USCG leaders to define services and various service levels necessary to support the Coast Guard mission in the region. To facilitate sometimes difficult business decisions, we developed an interactive cost model that demonstrated the budget impact of various service level alternatives providing leaders with the information needed to make the necessary decisions. This solution also formed the basis of a shared services agreement between the Base Kodiak and its tenants enabling them to adjust service quality based on unique customer needs and be reimbursed for additional costs.