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Exterior of a large Veterans Affairs medical center

Why: According to case studies, enrolling patients in telehealth programs has the potential to save the Veterans Health Administration $1 billion annually. As part of the administration’s goal to increase telehealth adoption rates and decrease onboarding time by 50%, we worked with the Veterans Affairs Office of Telehealth Services to understand the barriers their customers experience, identify the four most impactful focus areas in achieving these goals, and conduct design sprints to develop solutions that could have an immediate impact.

What: After exploratory research that included on-site shadowing, interviews, and co-creation activities at six Veterans Affairs medical centers across the country, our team designed 13 concepts for service improvement. The resulting “Welcome to Telehealth Kit” creates a more seamless and positive onboarding experience for veterans that will ultimately drive higher adoption. Additionally, by working in tandem with a major Veterans Affairs acquisitions and logistics center, we were able to design the kit so that it supports improved tracking for VA-owned telehealth equipment.