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Why:  As Americans, we pride ourselves on our ingenuity and innovation, and we want to be rewarded when we invent something novel.  In ever increasing proportions, our knowledge is stored and transmitted on technology infrastructure.  The sophisticated threats and vulnerabilities on/in these systems ultimately targets our knowledge and erodes our competitive advantage .  This is the ultimate consequence.

What:  Our consultants supported the Information System Security Line of Business, the foundational multi-agency collaborative initiative to improve the cyber security posture of the federal government.  We worked with leaders across government to strategically source new capability as shared services, improve situational awareness and incident response, and develop workforce performance standards for cyber professionals.  As the program evolved, many of the these activities became self-sustaining initiatives under the Comprehensive National Cyber Initiatives (CNCI).  The perspective we gained during the early years of development led us to be hand-selected to contribute to DHS’s first Quadrennial Homeland Security Review (QHSR).