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Why:  The Department of Defense acquisition and logistics communities are united in a global supply chain between the expeditionary environment and continental United States.  They work together to provide military commanders with the information they need to make critical operational decisions.  With better insight into their sustainment and support capabilities, leaders can better plan military operations, forecast budget requirements, and make more efficient purchasing decisions about how to get key services and products in the hands of warfighters.

What:  The Technical Assent team provided independent analyses of current and future supply availability and pricing of  critical commodities and services.  We designed the methods and tools to monitor and track supply, demand, and price fluctuation in local and regional markets of Afghanistan for items such as cement, gravel, asphalt, plywood, local labor, and local security guards, among others. We benchmarked these findings with actual prices paid on DoD contracts allowing contracting officers to negotiate fair market prices for these critical items. Results have included 35% cost savings on new procurements of key construction materials.

Our teams also mapped end-to-end flows for sourcing and delivery of critical commodities such as cement, fuel, and asphalt. Our findings revealed critical risks to warfighter readiness at several points in these value chains and made actionable mitigation recommendations for how to diversify sources, diversify routes, and time-phase certain drawdown and disposition activities.