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Why:  As part of the Comprehensive National Cyber Initiatives, the Trusted Internet Connection Initiatives sought to optimize the security of federal network connections to external entities and the internet. By consolidating that total number of access points to government networks, the government improves incident response capability and can more efficiently provide enhanced monitoring and situational awareness across all external network connections.   

What:   Building upon early successes within the Information System Security Line of Business (ISSLOB), the Trusted Internet Connections (TIC) program emerged as a top initiative to improve the cyber security posture of the federal government.  It acknowledged the interconnectedness of all government networks and aimed to raise the minimum security standards applied across the board.  Our team worked with subject matter experts from across the US to design the TIC Reference Architecture and then partnered with federal agencies to define the technical requirements.  Programmatically, we developed several ways to access TIC capabilities leveraging outsourced service providers through the NETWORX contract, Shared Services through other federal agencies, or in enabling agencies to design and manage their own TIC infrastructure.