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A fresh way to manage your service portfolio to yield better outcomes

Service Optimization Framework

Unify Experience, Service Management and Solution Implementation into a sustaining capability that improves customer satisfaction and service quality.

Service Optimization Framework

Technical Assent exists to improve the performance of government services using customer experience as the primary driver for change. The Service Optimization Framework is comprised of three core capabilities that enable government agencies to deliver relevant services that are easy to use and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

The Framework can be accessed for deployed services looking to improve or for new services that respond to unmet customer needs. Regardless of the starting point, the outcomes of either solution help government agencies optimize their service portfolio around delivering a seamless customer experience.


Experience Design

Customer experience offers a unique vantage from which to optimize strategy and operations. Grounded in the principles of human-centered design, we seek to understand how the customer achieves their desired result and the decisions, alternatives, an options they consider along the way.


  • Use data to provide new insight about key segments of the customer journey where customers make critical decisions about their relationship with your brand
  • Determine how well equipped your organization is to support the customer across the customer journey and especially at key decision points
  • Connect customer experience to business outcomes through measurable performance improvements

Solution Implementation

Designing exceptional service experiences requires solutions that address people, process, technology, content consumed by the customer, and the environment where the interactions take place. Leaders need the confidence that the solution be developed and implemented within constraints for budget, resource, schedule, and risk. Solutions need to be deployed quickly to meet the demands of customers.


  • Solutions are tuned and perform as intended to generate the desired business outcome
  • Solutions are well integrated across the customer journey
  • Solutions meet expectations for schedule, cost, and risk and these factors are regularly communicated

Service Management

The performance of deployed services are monitored to ensure they are relevant, available, and easy to use. Regressions of service quality can indicate specific performance issues or a shift in customer demand. The ability to respond quickly to either is critical to sustaining the service and maintaining customer trust.


  • The customers' expectations for service availability and reliability are achieved
  • Services are resilient, contingencies in place, and continuity is reasonably guaranteed
  • Customers' security and privacy is integrated throughout the customer journey
  • Ensure that your customer experience performs as expected whether delivered directly by you or through a third party service partner