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Visualizing the work-life balance at Technical Assent

Summer can be the busiest time of year for us here at Technical Assent. It’s also the time of year when our employees use most of their vacation hours. This isn’t an ideal combination, but we understand the call of good weather and the need to accommodate kids’ school schedules.

As our CEO, John DiLuna, wrote in a past Insights post:

“Vacations are important because they give us the down-time we need as humans to rest, relax, and clear our minds. They also give us a change in scenery, which inspires us and helps us self-reflect and see things with a fresh set of eyes.”

Last month, with back-to-school sales already in full swing and first-day-of-school pictures starting to fill our social media feeds, we decided to squeeze a little more out of summer by sharing employees’ summer vacation photos over on our company LinkedIn page.

Now on the cusp of the season officially turning to fall, we’re preserving the memories here. Kudos go to our employees who, in turn, pitched in and worked extra hard to enable their colleagues to take truly uninterrupted breaks during their vacations.

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