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A fault line from an earthquake in Southern California

Why. A series of major earthquakes heavily damaged more than a thousand structures at Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake in Ridgecrest, California, vastly impacting the base’s ability to carry out their mission. Congressional approval of relief funding was accelerated to ensure the base could quickly recover mission capability, but this meant repair and rebuilding project timelines were also accelerated. NAVFAC Southwest needed an experienced construction-services team that could overcome the challenges of the accelerated schedule, limited information, and the remote location of the project site.

What. Our construction-services consultants rapidly integrated with the planning, design, and engineering team responsible for designing replacement buildings and developing construction RFPs at sites across the base. At each iteration of each project, our team provided detailed cost estimates, CSRAs, and schedules using NAVFAC-standard tools including PACES, MCACES, and Crystal Ball Monte Carlo simulations. At some sites, we facilitated Basis of Design/Basis of Estimate alignment workshops. By integrating directly with the design team and working iteratively, we were able to significantly reduce the deliverable timelines for our client.