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Why. The Veterans Benefits Administration Office of Field Operations (VBA OFO) provides oversight of 60 district and regional offices throughout the country that process claims for compensation and pension benefits. VBA OFO is laser-focused on the MyVA goal of improving veteran experience through fostering exceptional service. As such, the office manages veteran claim data, develops tools to analyze those claims, and provides reporting that ensures a rapid and consistent experience across the board. The VBA OFO needed assistance with data and information management in order to analyze data from field offices and provide insight into the current rate of claims processing.

What. Technical Assent developed a universal hub for information that originates out of the field offices in a variety of formats. This allows for greater oversight and accountability across the board. The multi-functional SharePoint site we developed included lists, workflows, and data visualization tools for tracking the many project tasks under OFO’s purview, needs for contractor support, and contractor deliverables. As part of this work, we designed a forecast model regarding claims receipts, production, and backlog, which enabled Veterans Affairs leaders to project the backlog of veteran rating claims. Additionally, we delivered relevant reporting that allowed VBA leadership to assess if there was an improvement in customer service because of the transformation efforts across VA. Tools used in the effort included SharePoint, Tableau, Excel, and SAS.