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Close-in view of a person looking up data on a laptop computer. Illustrations on top of the image represent the data that the person might be seeking.

Why. Commanders, their staff, and policy makers require data on contracts and contractors in order to properly plan, execute, and manage risk during the operation. This data is spread across multiple systems and is often hard to understand and interpret, much less apply to decision-making and policy-creation. 

What. Technical Assent’s data team provides combatant commands, Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), and other government offices with insightful analytics as well as requirements identification, project planning, and technical design/build support for various projects. We provide resources for data needs such as implementing standard reporting capabilities, custom reports, and analytical expertise to address a range of requests for information. Our team also maintains a 3-36 month road map identifying major gaps in data capability and priorities across the department, and works within existing Department of Defense requirements and resourcing processes to address these needs. We work closely with logistics, manpower and personnel, mission assurance, contracting, and intelligence staffs across the enterprise to complete this work.